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This is a horror game where you start at a campsite, you wake up while you are camping and all your friends are missing. Will you find their souls and escape the forest? Or will be caught by the same thing that got your friends?

The controls for the game is W,A,S, and D to move, hold SHIFT to run, and E to activate you torch, you can also press SPACE BAR to jump or press it rapidly to climb mountains.


Shrieks of the lost is a game I made inspired by my brother, Shane, he told me it would be cool to make a horror game of some sort so I started brainstorming Ideas which made the game how it is now. The programmer is me, Ethan and The graphics is by the unity asset store and the SFX is by Little robot sound factory.

This game was featured in the 2019 Coolest Projects event at The Discovery Cube in Anaheim, CA.



The classic soul is the key to winning the game and they have a transparent shell with green flames and are mainly blue, when collected they produce a blue spark and make a sound of a breath.

Speed boost

The speed boost is a way to make quick escapes from the enemy, it is also helpful if your going for a fast game approach. The speed boost is activated on impact and it is mainly green and slightly transparent.

Stun orb

The stun orb stuns the enemy for a 7 seconds you can use this to make escapes or to buy you some time. This orb is mainly blue and is transparent with no flames or shells.

Extra soul



The scarecrow is the main enemy in the game and he will kill you. in the first version he knows where you are at all times but it takes a while for him to get close. In the second version he will roam around the forest and catch you when you get too close.




living shroom



Any type of feedback in the comments is appreciated. you can comment or contact my gmail at shrieksofthelostentertainment@gmail.com . I also might also need a SFX artist and a 3D modeler for future sequels where the game will be more complex and bigger of a game if your interested email me. 

Install instructions

1. Press Download

2.Launch the Setup Wizard

3. Follow the Setup Wizard process



Shreiks of the lost setup v1.5.exe 151 MB


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Very fun game! Great sound FX and mechanix. Keep up the great work! Here is my playthrough:


Thank you so much, I really appreciate your feedback.(: