This is a puzzle and horror game where you have to find a way out of the maze. At first you get trapped inside the game but the narrator try's to help you, You then eventually figure out he is trying to stop you and you must find the exit of the final maze without getting caught by the virus. (Does not actually give you errors or viruses) The controls are the W,A,S, and D keys to move shift to run, space bar to jump, and L to lock and U to unlock your cursor. Any type of comments, feedback, or rating would be greatly appreciated.◕‿◕

In the game you can be expected to find orbs that teleport you or transform the maze, physical Easter eggs you can collect that are hidden, traps, lava, and a moving enemy called the virus. These challenges may seem hard but the game is completely solvable and doable so try your best.


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Excellent idea, in my opinion. Just letting you know that some walls aren't set tight one with another and i can see the outside. Or is it also an intended one ...?)

Thank you so much for your feedback! The gaps in the walls were my mistake because when it was in the scene view the gap was to tiny to see, sorry for the inconvenience but I hope you enjoyed playing.(: 

Great concept for a game! The start caught me completely off guard, although I would've loved some music in the game as well. Well done for sticking with the theme!

Thank you!


Cool game ! 

Some Music would be very cool but good game though.

Thanks very much for your feedback(:


Cool concept! Fits with the theme perfectly and the traps and easter eggs make you want to explore the maze more


Thank you so much I appreciate it.